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AiTerm is an AI Terminal Assistant that designed to assist developers and command-line users. It simplifies the process of converting natural language into executable commands, allowing users to find and run the commands they need without leaving their terminal.

AiTerm currently on beta version
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The world of command lines.

Experience a smarter way to work with our AI terminal assistant


AiTerm intelligently analyzes your commands and streamlines your tasks for unprecedented efficiency.

On-Demand Documentation

Need help with a command? AiTerm fetches relevant documentation and examples, providing explanations and usage tips right within your terminal.

Personal Assistance

AiTerm is more than just software, it's your personal assistant in the world of command lines.

Boost up your terminal experience

Experience a transformative leap in the world of command-line interfaces with AiTerm. It's here to supercharge your entire terminal experience.

Features 01
Writeless. Do More

Keep projects on schedule

Minimize effort to write repetitive commands for doing some tasks that need to be done. Let AiTerm handle it for you

  • More effortless
  • More descriptive and human readable command
Features 02
Less browse for a documentation

On Demand Documentation

Forgot or don't know what's command that needed to run? AiTerm will convert human language to specific commands needed that terminal needed to run.

  • No need save or hardly remembering commands anymore
  • No need to leave your terminal
Features 03
More than CLI tools

Interactive CLI

AiTerm is not just a CLI tools, it's more than that. Discuss more interactively with the AI.

  • Ask everything, even give a joke
  • Discuss on something you like
Features 02
Full customizeable

Customize generated command before run

Doesn't match the command given or even need adjust some detail. AiTerm let you edit or select only specific command to run

  • Select only specific command you need
  • Edit before executing the command

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