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AiTerm: an AI Terminal Assistant streamlining natural language to executable commands, aiding developers and command-line users directly within their terminal.

Boost up your terminal experience

Experience a transformative leap in the world of command-line interfaces with AiTerm. It's here to supercharge your entire terminal experience.

Features 01
AI Assistant

On Demand Documentation

Struggle with remembering terminal commands and flags? Wish you could just say what you need the terminal to do? AiTerm brings direct support to your terminal for seamless execution

  • No more struggling to save or memorize commands!
  • No need to leave your terminal!
  • Fully customizeable AI generated content!
Features 02
Command suggestions

IDE-Style Autocompletion

Bring IDE-style autocompletion of most used commands on your terminal

  • Interact with command suggestions on your terminal
  • Completion of most used commands
Features 03

Organized terminal workflow

Organize your workflow commands in an elegant and easy way. You can add, edit, delete, and execute them effortlessly to suit your requirements.

  • Boost your terminal productivity
  • Speed up your development

🔒 Private

AiTerm never stores any terminal contents on our servers. Your data remains securely on your device. Learn more about our privacy policy.

🖥️ Popular terminal

Install AiTerm on your favorite terminal! Enjoy AiTerm support across popular terminals like iTerm, VS Code Terminal, cmd, PowerShell, and more.

⚡ Super fast

AiTerm has been built using Go with it's concurrent mechanism that make AiTerm is super fast and ligthweight.

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